Angela Mancuso

Very happy with Dr. Truong and Staff. My feet feel better. Office atmosphere pleasant. I appreciate comfortable and very clean surrounding. Thank you!

Debi Derrick

Thank you Dr. Truong!! You're staff is awesome, they got me in quickly and were very friendly. I was nervous because it was the first time I had an ingrown toenail and they made me feel comfortable. My toe healed up just fine and it looks great!!

Jennifer Purcell

After eight long months of foot pain I was seen by this wonderful Doctor. He truly cared about what I’d be dealing with and gave me a shot in my foot. I didn’t even feel the needle go into my heel. I felt immediately better. What I liked best about him is that he showed how much he cared. A lady who handled insurance came in the room and said that my insurance wouldn’t cover this visit, unless I was diabetic. Which I’m not. After we decided that I would pay for my visit the dr. gave me his number and said that he accepted my insurance and I could see him at his private office for my next visit. So of course I lost the paper with his number. lol, I just found him online and will be calling to schedule my appointment. Very caring man. I recommend him.

Shelby Chase

Dr. Truong is the best podiatrist around - He has a wealth of knowledge and truly cares about his patients. His staff is very kind and helpful. Appointments are easy to book and they get patients in and out on time. Stellar surgeon.

Miguel Miranda

I've been dealing with an ingrown for a while I was always scared to go but finally went to see the doctor. He made it look so simple and highly recommend him. he explained everything and how it was going to go down step by step. the worst part about it is the shots after it goes numb you don't feel anything while he doing his thing. although it took several hours until I started to feel my toe but the next day it was great just a little soreness.

Susan Owen

Very compassionate doctor!

Laurie Hopkins

Dr. Truong was AMAZING! So was ALL of his staff at the Chico office! This visit not only super exceeded my expectations but restored my faith as well. He was so informative, gentle, funny, and actually listened and was proactive with my treatment plan. I could not have asked for a better podiatrist!!!

Sandy Cannon

What a wonderful doctor, kind, funny, and smart as a whip. Does not do a procedure unless absolutely necessary. I would trust this doctor with my life and any kind of surgery. I had surgery through ANOTHER doctor last year and all he wanted was a nice paycheck, didn't even take care of my foot once the cut split open. Ignored me and went on a cruise, so I ended up in Enloe with a BAD infection. Spent the last 5 months flat on my back with IV antibiotics. Please if you are thinking of seeing a foot doctor see Dr. Thuong!!! I highly recommend. Thank you doctor I will return to see you.

Anna Maag

Dr. Troung quite literally saved my foot from amputation. He is an accomplished, compassionate doctor who is up-to-date on all courses and methods of treatment.

Alberto Vargas

After having multiple procedures done for the same toe issue I finally tried a new place, Dr. Truong. I had an awesome experience with his friendly staff. Dr. Truong. has a funny personality but has a professional outlook. Definitely, a great place to go to! Thank you!

Ryan Barba

Took care of my problem. Would recommend for podiatry needs!

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